What we do

We are a team of experts with a substantial track record in development of waste-to-fuel projects. We are able to provide support in all aspects of the process, design, construction, operation, maintenance and marketing of the outputs generated.

Gazasia’s initial role is the identification and analysis of sources of raw gas or biogas, whether from landfill sites or from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste, for the production of a renewable, low- or neutral-carbon vehicle fuel. 

We will work as a partner or as a specialist consultant with local and regional authorities or companies in the development of waste-to-energy plants.

Starting with the initial detailed waste studies and analysis of the raw biogas that will inform the scale of each individual project, Gazasia’s core team will oversee the integrated engineering design of the entire process from raw waste stream to separation of the two primary gas streams – CH4 and CO2 – for liquefaction and production of vehicle fuel.

Analysis to fuel

This involves working closely with the eight or more supplier companies that are typically involved in these projects to ensure that the EPC contractor has all the necessary information to carry out construction of the project. Where appropriate, the team will be involved in the final commissioning stage.

Gazasia also has experience in negotiating long-term contracts for the provision of waste streams as well as contracts for the sale and distribution of the finished products – vehicle fuel in both liquid and compressed form, solid and/or liquid CO2, and fertilizer.

With the experience gained from the company’s first project in the Philippines, Gazasia is now investigating opportunities elsewhere to utilise diverse waste sources to produce vehicle fuel and other by-products, continuing its focus on improving the environment and quality of life.

We are always looking for opportunities in developing new biogas projects. Please contact us to discuss how we can cooperate.


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