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Gazasia’s experience in the development of waste-to-energy projects, specifically waste-to-fuel, covers all aspects of the process – design, construction, operation and maintenance.The company will work in partnership with companies, or with local or regional authorities in the development of waste-to-energy plants, or as a specialist independent consultant.

Gazasia has an in-depth knowledge of sustainable sources of biogas for the production of renewable energy and transport fuel, having processed municipal solid waste, distillery waste water, agriculture wastes and various energy crops.

The company has experience in negotiating long-term contracts for the provision of such waste streams and appropriate feedstocks, as well as in marketing the outputs generated and negotiating contracts for their sale and distribution.

Detailed waste studies and analysis of the raw biogas are carried out initially to inform the scale of each individual project. Following this, Gazasia will oversee the integrated engineering design of the full process from raw waste stream to separation of the two primary gas streams – methane and carbon dioxide – for liquefaction and production of renewable energy / transport fuel.

Analysis to fuelHaving developed strong working relationships with the supplier companies typically involved in these projects, Gazasia can ensure the EPC contractor has all the information necessary for efficient and economic construction of the project.

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