Renewable transport fuel project set for Philippines

Figures released by Aboitiz Equity Ventures, of which Aseagas is a subsidiary, estimates the […]

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Renewable transport fuel project set for Philippines

UK-based Gazasia is to develop an anaerobic digestion plant in the Philippines with local […]

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Lian Batangas agreement signed

Agreement for development of anaerobic digestion plant in Lian Batangas

On November 30th Gazasia signed an agreement outlining the services it will provide to […]

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Aseagas partners with Tan-led Tanduay Distillers for a $47m Biomethane Project

Stephen Paradies, chief finance officer of Aboitiz, said that the $47m project will be […]

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Aboitiz and Gazasia partner with Lucio Tan

Aseagas has signed an agreement to generate biogas from the waste water produced by […]

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Gazasia – Providing Waste to Fuel Solutions

GAZASIA is committed to improving air quality in inner city environments across the world, […]

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Aboitiz and Gazasia to Produce Biomethane

Erramon Aboitiz, CEO of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, has said their company has partnered with […]

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Aboitiz and Gazasia to Spend $30m on a Biofuels Plant

The joint venture, Aseagas, is set to spend $30m on the construction of its […]

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UK Renewable Energy Systems and Solutions forum

Interview with Aseagas Director Juan Alfonso

Juan Alfonso, Director of Aseagas, Gazasia’s joint venture partnership with Aboitiz Equity Ventures, attended […]

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Clean, green transport bill gets the go ahead

Senate Bill 2856 has now been passed by the Philippine Senate and will have […]

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