GHG emission reduction targets – up for discussion, or not?

At the UN climate conference in Bonn, three of the four BRIC countries – Brazil, India and China – have reportedly refused to discuss whether the cuts in greenhouse gas emissions they are proposing to make domestically will enable the world to limit any global rise in temperature to below 2 deg C.

Of these three, China is expected to disclose its proposals to the UN shortly, and experts predict it is likely to over-achieve on its targets. However, in order to ensure transparency and accountability, calls are being made for a full science-based review of all countries' intended contributions, which some believe China opposes.

According to Michael Jacobs from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, maintaining flexibility with regard to targets is the correct route to follow at this autumn’s full UN climate conference in Paris.

Richard Lilleystone, Gazasia CEO comments, “We fully agree that it must remain possible for individual country contributions to reducing emissions be raised between now and 2020. Growing political and cultural awareness and ongoing technological advances mean countries can and should be ambitious, raising their game in terms of the reduction targets they set themselves.”

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