Growing recognition of biomethane as a provider of sustainable mobility

The 26th World Gas Conference in Paris yesterday focused its attention on the role of gas as an economic growth driver for growing and developing markets, Discussions centred on the ability of natural gas to support the transition to a lower carbon economy and as a driver of sustainable energy systems throughout the world.

Gazasia believes that biomethane, particularly as a vehicle fuel, can also contribute significantly to the attainment of these goals, a view upderpinned by the ‘Biomethane’ Road to Sustainable Mobility conference held in Brussels last week. Richard Lilleystone, Gazasia’s CEO comments, “The energy demands of Asia’s megacities such as Delhi, where the population has undergone explosive growth, rising to 8m now from 1.6m in 1991 require positive and urgent action, and commercially viable projects such as utilising waste to produce carbon neutral vehicle fuel need to be encouraged and promoted.”

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