Increasing focus on biofuels for air and sea transport

Recent news from Boeing and Ikea confirms a welcome focus on the use of biofuels for air and sea transport.

Gazasia CEO, Richard Lilleystone, says "European and in particular UK governments’ push towards the decarbonisation of the aviation and marine industries, as well as the HGV road transport industry is one of the key drivers of our business. Under the terms of the Paris COP21 agreement, both airlines and road transportation are required to start blending 9.75% biofuel from 2020, rising to 12.4% in 2032 – or to purchase the equivalent carbon credits. Based on these figures, European airlines will require in excess of 8m tonnes of renewable aviation fuel per annum to meet their obligations. We have sourced a reliable and sustainable feedstock that we believe our process can employ to help produce the necessary volumes of biofuel for use by these industries."



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