Biomethane refers to pipeline-quality gas derived from the decomposition
of organic material. It is produced from biogas which has been
cleaned or ‘upgraded’ to better meet gas pipeline specifications, by the removal of CO2 and gases such as hydrogen sulphide to leave an
almost pure (~97%) methane gas.

Biomethane produced from the decomposition of organic waste through anaerobic activity has the lowest greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of any biofuel resulting in a net saving of greenhouse gas emissions. The by-product of combustion is simply carbon dioxide and water vapour, but it is important that the carbon dioxide is ‘today’s carbon’, and not the carbon that results from the oxidisation of sequestrated fossil (which adds to the biosphere carbon loading, thereby leading to global warming).

Liquified biomethane (LBM) is a versatile renewable fuel with the following characteristics:

  • It is the only waste derived gaseous vehicle fuel capable of separation in both time and geography from its place of origin
  • It can be stored and readily and economically transported without reliance on natural gas transmission and infrastructure
  • LBM is produced and stored as a cryogenic liquid in vacuum-insulated tanks
  • It can easily be expanded to produce renewable CBG (Compressed Bio Gas), and is thus able to service all gas vehicle types
  • The conversion to power does not rely on exotic technology
  • As a vehicle fuel, the product burns cleanly offering a 90% reduction of PM10 particulates, 60% reduction in Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), 50% reduction in Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and a 68% reduction in CO2 emission. There is also a significant reduction in noise levels.

Liquified and used as a vehicle fuel, the process creates an environmentally closed loop – waste products create biogas, which is in turn captured and treated to produce biomethane. Using biomethane will help governments meet both GHG and air quality objectives, thereby alleviating major health (and therefore political) issues throughout much of South East Asia.


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