Carbon Dioxide

The production of CO2 is a natural element of Gazasia’s
waste-to-fuel process, and will meet demand from a wide variety
of manufacturing processes.

CO2’s uses in industry include:

  • as a propellantA compressed inert gas, such as a fluorocarbon, that acts as a vehicle for discharging the contents of an aerosol container. and acidity regulatorAcidity regulators, or pH control agents, are food additives (E’s) that are added to change or maintain pH (acidity). They can be organic or mineral acids, bases, neutralizing agents, or buffering agents. in the food industry
  • in the production of carbonated soft drinks and soda water, as well as bottled and kegged beer, where carbonation using recycled carbon dioxide is now the most common method employed in consumer products that require pressurized gas
  • as a compressed gas for pneumatic systems in portable pressure tools
  • as an atmosphere for welding, particularly in the automotive industry since it is much less expensive than other more inert gases such as argon or heliumin
  • in fire extinguishers for small flammable liquid and electrical fires
  • in high concentrations, as a pest eradicator
  • in liquid and solid form as a major refrigerant, especially in the food industry



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